Arena B1

Exam preparation for the "ÖSD-Zertifikat B1 für Jugendliche" with parallel systematic repetition of grammar and vocabulary.

Arena B1 is designed for learners from the age of 13 who want to prepare themselves in detail for the most popular of all DaF examinations, the "Goethe-ÖSD-Zertifikat B1 für Jugendliche". The exam is quite wide ranging with four modules and a total of 15 parts, so in the first test the format of the exam is presented module by module and the recommended solution strategies are explained part by part.

Arena B1 can be used either in a pure exam preparation course or from the middle of an ordinary B1 course in parallel with any course-bearing textbook.

The textbook covers all the topics of the B1 examination in all modules and offers systematic vocabulary training (basic German vocabulary) with many additional tasks. Arena B1 repeats the entire B1 grammar with a series of additional exercises (ascending level of difficulty) and thus fills in any gaps in the learning material.

Arena B1 is fully at B1 level, has been fully tested in exam courses and guides exam candidates through the exam at the expected level of difficulty from the start, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Arena B1

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